champion: a militant advocate or defender

One of my champions died last month. One of the first to help convince me that there is nothing wrong with me, that my normal is normal, and that there is no flaw in me.

blue butterfly

He was one of my heroes.

A piece of the universe that accepted me, and challenged me for no other reason but to help me live life. A life that encompasses happiness, sadness, and all that is in between. He challenged me to accept that my normal is okay, and to do so without judgment.

And, I miss him.

Over the past year there has been a trend of those who should know better betraying my trust, crossing respectable boundaries, and selling me short. With each confrontation, I have found more of my voice, and using it without fear of their rejection.

I am becoming my own champion.

ginsberg typewriter

It is no coincidence that it was this advocate, defender of me when I was an enemy of myself, was one that let me down. It is also no coincidence that this champion is the first that I verbally defended myself to; the one who taught me to speak, was the first I defended myself against.

I did not see this as a benefit to our relationship when it happened; now I see how we came full circle.

My champion became my challenger, and in the face of this turn, I took on the role of being my own advocate.

Thank you, Tommy. This world is a better because you were in it.

blue butterfly 2

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